Everyone wants to know the dog grooming prices! These are average prices. Final determinations will be made when we meet your dog. Prices may be adjusted based on size, style of cut requested, length of coat, behavior and coat condition. Most dogs are bathed with the best Bark 2 Basics shampoo to meet their individual needs. Sensi-Skin Hypo-Allergenic, Brighten White, Isle of Dog puppy shampoo and poodle shampoo, Derma Treat, Espree Tea Tree Oil and Aloe ,Double K Griminator  and more are used as needed at no additional cost. Flea shampoo and FURminator shampoo do cost a bit more. Grooms (haircuts) and Baths (no hair cut) include bathe, dry, brush, average de-matting, clean ears, trim pads, trim nails, dremmel/file nails, teeth brushed, breath spray, and external anal glands,.