Our goal is to provide a fun and positive grooming experience for your dogs!
We know that most dogs like to meet and greet, would rather be with us than crated, and really prefer warm water for their baths! Every dog receives our personal loving care, including belly rubs, ear scratches and treats. We use
a fresh clean towel for each dog. Most dogs will be welcome to roam the open, air conditioned workroom. Music,
a sofa, and comforting open crates will be available. Of course, your preference and/or dog temperaments may
make the traditional closed crate the way to go.

Hi, I am Kerry, the owner of Belly Rubs Dog Grooming Inc.! My dogs, over the years, are at the bottom of the page. Sweetpea, Bud, Jazzy, Sasha and our newest, Shelby.



I  earned a Certificate of Completion for the AKC Safety in the Salon course as well as the Pet Saver by Pet Tech class. I have also earned the Certificate in Bathing. I attend a full class schedule at the All American Grooming show most years.

Meet Emily!

  Here she is with her own Norwegian Elkhound!She will be starting Vet school next fall.


Meet Sierra!

She will greet you with a  smile and your dog with love!


Meet Callie!

 She will bathe your dogs with love and until  they are super duper clean!

remy dog.jpg

Meet Remy!

She does a bit of everything and we are glad to have her with us!